# About OI


Automation IG’s OI HMI introduces new features aimed to improve durability and efficiency of manufacturing. The new IP65 enclosure, 100% flash storage, 12-24vdc, and state of the art shatter resistant projective-capacitive touchpad provide unparalleled durability.

OI In Production

# Automation IG OI Features and Specifications

3 variations, each of which feature a hardened touchpad and 24vdc power:

OI-15 and OI-21 feature:

  • IP65 Dust tight washdown enclosure
  • Fanless, no moving internal components
  • Built-in SSD Harddrive
  • Intel CPU
  • Application data on accessible USB storage
  • 3xUSB, 2xCOM, 2xWired Ethernet, 1xWireless Ethernet
  • Configurable network: 2 wired or 1 wired + 1 wireless, configured through software Standard
  • Software and mounting compatible with previous OI-15 versions.
  • Available with integrated OI HMI software or blank Windows OS install.

# OI Advantages

  • Hardened Touchpad - extremely durable touchpad for industrial environments.
  • Networking – duel wired plus single wireless network interfaces provide capability to bridge factory network with equipment without exposing internal network components.
  • Database – Built in tools for storing and reading values from local database.
  • Scripting – PHP and Shell based scripts provide advanced capabilities to process and distribute data. Broad capabilities utilize full Linux systems such as FTP, SCP, and HTTP. Each application can be distributed with it's own web interface providing access to tag values and database records.
  • Ready-to-run – we built our OI HMI to act as an integrated device. No software to install. Replacing a screen is as simple as moving the data card to a new OI.
  • OIBuilder availability – OIBuilder is available for download through our website, and is installed on the OI-15 screen itself. Build and modify HMI application on the screen itself.

# AIG HMI Screen Examples

Sample Application

HMI screens used for robotic and automated cells. Features include:

  • Visual representation of equipment
  • System status indicators such as safety related items and process sensors
  • Machine state indicator
  • Numeric indicators and inputs
  • Item select inputs
  • Multiple screens
  • Tag based system compatible with Allen Bradley and Omron PLCs

Sample Application OI-15 mounted to operator stand and OIBuilder application running on OI-15.

  • Fanless IP65 enclosure with hardened glass touchpad
  • No external enclosure needed
  • Tools needed to build, update, and modify application included on OI-15 and accessible from config screen

# Common Issues

For a list of common issues, please see the FAQ.

# Requesting Support

Contact support@automationig.com.

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# License

OI and OIB uses the Qt Toolkit under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License v3 and v2.1. In compliance with the LGPL, Automation IG makes hereby a written offer to provide the Qt source code used to you. Automation IG makes hereby a written offer to provide the corresponding source, tools needed to enable re-linking on the target device, and instructions for how to install the modified binary on the target device. To make a request, send an email to info@automationig.com.

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