# Frequently Asked Questions

# Loses Programs On Reboot

This is generally caused by a missing or faulty data card. Select "Hardware Status and Configuration" and go to the "Storage" tab. You should see your USB device listed. If it is not listed under Data Card then press the "Format as Data Card" button to format the drive (the contents will be lost). The screen will reboot. You can then transfer your OI application to the screen, select the application, and store configuration. If your problem persists please contact Automation IG (opens new window).

More information is at the Storing Applications section of this manual.

# Change Screensaver Settings

Screensaver settings are changed in the OI terminal's config screen, in the Display Settings dialog. See OI Runtime for more information.

# Upgrade Firmware

OI-Embedded firmware can be upgraded using the OI terminal's config screen, in the Maintenance dialog. See Firmware Upgrade for more information.

# No GoTo Config Button

If your application lacks a goto config button, you can access the config screen by:

  • modify the application, transfer to the OI terminal using FTP, and power cycle the OI
  • press on the bottom left of the screen (roughly 1/2in from the edges) for 2 seconds, then move your finger toward the center of the screen (it may take several attempts to do this)
  • interrupt communications (e.g. unplug network cable) and reboot. OI will default to config screen if there is a communication error

# Powers Down After Boot

Your OI terminal has lost its activation file. Please contact AIG for support resolving this issue.

# Bad HW Mac message

Your OI Windows application has lost its activation file. Verify that c:\Users{username}.oirc is not corrupted and can be read/written by the current user. If this does not resolve the issue please contact AIG for support resolving this issue.

# What is the thread pitch on the bottom connectors

OI's starting at v2 have connector ports with 13/16-28 threads. This is useful if you would like to CNC or 3D print a custom cap or guard for the USB ports.

# RFIdeas Serial/PS2 Reader Not Working

There is an unknown issue preventing RFIdea's Serial/PS2 readers from working directly through the serial port. The current recommendation is to either upgrade to a RFIdea's USB reader or use a Serial to USB adapter in addition to the PS2 to USB adapter.

Last Updated: 6/6/2022, 3:12:05 PM