Version Major Changes
1.11 Support for 15" and 21", new features tbd.
1.10 Updated firmware core, scripting, migrate database, improve performance, Omron compatibility
1.9 Support for 15" stainless housing versions.
1.0-1.8s Support for legacy hardware (all black housing OI's)

Feature Compatibility

Feature Legacy OI 1.9 OI 1.10 OI 1.11 OI Win
Weld Monitor
PostgreSQL DB
Web Server
Embedded Viewers (www, pdf, video, vnc)
Generic Run
System Configuration (network, display, etc...)
XML-RPC server
Devicenet Comms
GE Fanuc Comms
G&L Motion Comms
AB Comms
Omron NJ/NX Comms
Alarm System
Off Screen Area
OIB Display Scale
1920x1080 Support

Features not listed here are available for all versions.

HW Compatibility

HW Description MFG Date OI 1.0-1.8 OI 1.8s OI 1.9 OI 1.10 OI 1.11 OI Win
15v1.0-v1.3 Black machined body, VIA motherboards 2011
15v1.4-v1.5 Black cast body, Intel motherboards 2011-2014
15v2.0 Stainless housing, touchpad, multiport cables 2014-2015
15v2.1 Stainless housing, hardened touchpad, multiport cables 2015
15v221 Stainless housing, hardened touchpad, bulkhead connectors 2015-now
OI22v232 21" I7, aluminum heatsink, Windows 7 install (upgradable to Win10) 2018
OI21v242 21" N4200, no heatsink 2018-now

See OI HW for more information about OI hardware.

Last Updated: 2/22/2019, 2:41:45 PM