OI Hardware

OI 21 and 15 on stand


OI 21 on stand The latest OI features a 21" 1080p display and an Intel N4200 processor. This screen is available with embedded OI HMI runtime, or with a blank Windows 10 installation.


OI 21 on stand The latest 15 inch OI screen features a dual-core Intel Atom processor and a 15" 1024x768 display. This screen is available with embedded OI runtime, or with a blank Windows 7 Embedded Standard installation.

Hardware Features

Feature OI21 OI15
2x Ethernet, 1x wifi
3x USB ports
1x Serial
24v power
Hardened touchpad
Display Size 21" 15"
Native Resolution 1920x1080 FHD 1024x768 XGA
CPU N4200 Atom E3845
Disk Size 128gb SSD 128gb SSD
Ram 8gb 8gb
OI Embedded

Optional OS: Windows 10 IOT LTSB

Hardware Versions

Current Hardware

Version Year Introduced Features
OI21v242 2018 21", 1080p display with quad-core Intel processor
OI15v221 2016 15", 1024x768 display with dual-core Intel processor

Legacy Hardware

Version Notable Feature
OI22v232 Intel i7 Windows 7 21" screen (Legacy CPU for Windows 7 compatibility, upgradable to Win10)
OI15v2.2 Multi-port replaced with direct housing mounted USB and ethernet connections
OI15v2.1 Hardened touchpad - thick glass touchpad resilient to heat and physical damage
OI15v2.0 Compact design, stainless housing. Rear channel connections replaced with multi-port breakout cables
OI15v1.4-1.5 AIG Embedded motherboard with integrated network switch, USB/Ethernet connections integrated in bottom housing
OI15v1.3 Fanless (ribbed heat-sink housing), center rear-channel for connectors and mounting, integrated 8 port switch, USB/Ethernet block at bottom of rear channel.
OI15v1.0-1.2 Black body, fans, integrated weld monitor as option, 120v power
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