# OI Software Overview

OI Image OI is a software package used to build and deploy machine interfaces. The package includes a runtime and an application builder, and are included when your OI is configured as an OI Embedded screen. Windows screens can run OI applications as well, but many of the configuration features are performed through the standard Windows settings.

# Features

OI, which stands for Operator Interface, was designed from the start as a machine interface program. We saw the industry shift away from interfaces that ran straight out of the box to programs that required extensive installation and configuration, and realized that the industry still needs an efficient Human Machine Interface (HMI) that is configured more as an embedded system.

From the first version, OI screens were designed to maximize efficiency and minimize maintenance. This has led to several industry leading features:

  • Out-of-the-box ready: plug in the data card, turn on the screen.
  • 24v power: utilize existing 24v machine power.
  • Included application builder: connect a keyboard and mouse to fix bugs and add features directly on the screen itself.
  • Fanless system design: processors and internal components designed for rugged industrial environments.
  • RFID integration: support user authorization, screen access and button access controls using your existing RFID badges.
  • Hardened touchpad: we eliminated the #1 repair issue of damaged touchpads. Most terminals use resistive touchpads with thin plastic membranes that are prone to cuts, scratches, and burns. Our hardened touchpads can be hit by a hammer, scratched with a knife, and burned with weld slag and still operate.
  • Communication compatibility: screens currently communicate with AB and Omron PLCs.

# Runtime

OI runtime executes OI applications, communicates with PLCs, and displays information to operators.

# OI Embedded

The OI Embedded runtime is a complete embedded system installed on a special system card within the OI terminal. The system is designed for maximum reliability and features:

  • Easy configuration of system services such as network, display, and hardware
  • Included OIBuilder to modify applications without the need for a separate computer
  • Intelligent filesystem management to extend system card life time

Typical HMI programs require extensive installation procedures, licensing, and configuration. OI Embedded runtime is an ideal option for use cases where an effective, reliable machine interface is needed.

# OI Windows

The OI runtime is available for OI terminals running windows as well. These systems need to be activated from the factory, but allow using OI in a Windows environment. Configuration of the screen, networking, and other features is performed through Windows, and OI runs as an application on top.

# OIBuilder

OI Builder is the application used to create interfaces. Available for Windows and included on OI screens, it is modeled after industry standard applications. It features many of the common components as well as several developed specifically for machine interfaces:

  • Tag based communication
  • Internal database capabilities
  • Indicators, images, buttons, inputs
  • OI Embedded only: integrated PDF, browser, video viewer

# Activation

OI requires activation by AIG in order to run. Losing activation will result in:

  • OI Embedded screens will shut down following boot
  • OI Windows will display a "Bad HW Mac" message instead of starting.

If your screen loses activation contact AIG.

Last Updated: 11/11/2020, 10:31:44 AM