# OI-Windows

# Features not supported in OI for Windows

  • component DB Image Capture
  • component Shell script will only work with scripts executable under Windows
  • component HTTP scripts will work, but OI Windows does not include a web server therefore any scripts included with the OI application will not be served by OI (OI will still attempt to run the script at the provided URL).
  • all viewer components: www, pdf, video, vnc/rdesktop. New Generic Run component should be used instead.
  • AB serial communication driver (DF1)
  • config screen - all system dependent configurations

# Starting OI

OI should be started by oi_start.bat which launches oi with -recent -fullscr -nocursor options.

# Copy protection & Unlocking

OI Windows is licensed to specific hardware. To unlock OI Windows for your hardware contact AIG.

If OI cannot be started because it is locked then error dialog window displays the message

Error: Bad HW MAC

# RFIDeas RFID reader

# Install USB to serial driver

OI Windows 7 Embedded Standard systems may need additional USB drivers installed.

  • Install usbser.sys driver into system since it is missing by default in Windows embedded installation
    • from menu Start run cmd terminal
    • unzip usbser_sys.zip
    • run install.bat from cmd terminal
    • let system reboot
  • Install RFIDeas USB to serial driver

RFIDeas support download page: [[https://www.rfideas.com/support/downloads]]


Important note: When using RFID reader with OI touch screen, always plug it into the same USB port. The reader will get a different COM port assigned by Windows for different USB ports it is plugged into requiring the RFID settings in OI to be updated to the new COM port in OI config screen -> User management -> RFID configure.

# Viewer Components

  • www viewer (use generic run for full screen or use Embedded)
  • pdf viewer (use generic run to launch)
  • video viewer (full screen does not work, embedded works)
  • vnc/rdesktop viewer


Viewer components are not supported in OI for Windows. Generic Run component can be used instead.

# Virtual Keyboard

Windows virtual keyboard can be used, as described on HowToGeek (opens new window).

# Touch pad

Standard windows 7 touchpad drivers can cause issues with push buttons: Window's driver simulates mouse click at the moment touch pad is released (once you take your finger off the touch screen). At first the mouse press event is generated and immediately after that the mouse release event is generated. Push button in OI need some time to be pressed (lets say 100ms) so the write tag is reliably set to its push value. This can be fixed by following options:

  • Set holdTime to 100ms for each push button in OI app
  • In Windows control panel - Pen and Touch settings - Touch tab -> disable press and hold settings
  • Install eGalax Touch driver (opens new window) instead of default Windows driver. This driver is the same we use in Linux and behaves consistently with OI Embedded programs.

# Database Storage

Database files are located in c:/oiroot/tmp/db/sqlite.

# OI Windows 1.12 Changelog

  • OI 1.12 Build Feb 08 2023
    • © 2023
    • new property ”passwordMode” for: Numeric Input, Numeric Output, Text Input, Text Output
    • OIB regression fixed: Numeric Input, Numeric Output: scale propery renamed to → numScale and offset property renamed to → numOffset. This was needed because the offset property already exists in some other components (e.g. Image) and it was causing conflicts. Full compatibility with previous versions is maintained.
    • OIB bugfix: property “numOffset” in numeric components is displayed in property editor again
  • OI 1.12 Build Jul 19 2022
    • internal clean-ups
  • OI 1.12 Build Feb 23 2022
    • bugfix: make sure there is only one .oirc config file on the system. Delete .oirc in home dir and keep only one in C:/oiroot while preserving unlock information.
  • OI 1.12 Build Jan 14 2022
    • Push Button now handles Touch Events from touch screen. This is needed if touch screen driver doesn't translate touch events to mouse events such as in Windows 10.
  • OI win 1.12 Release Build Jan 7 2022
    • New component: Embedded Video Viewer
  • OI win 1.12 Release Build Dec 20 2021
    • bugfix: logix 5000 communication crash if compiled with msvc in windows
  • OI win 1.12 Release Build Dec 10 2021
    • Image component: properties added: xOffsetTag and yOffsetTag
    • added crash handler for windows: if oi crashes then information about the crash are stored into log file C:/winroot/var/log/oi.log
  • OI win 1.12 Release Build Nov 25 2021
    • Config file .oirc moved from user's home dir to c:\winroot
    • Demo mode: if OI is not activated then oi will start and 1 hour count down will be started. OI will quit when 00:00 is reached.
    • oi_start.bat script makes as its first thing change current dir to the directory where oi_start.bat is placed
    • Ethernet IP communication: bug fixed tag write of BOOL type
  • OI win 1.12 Release Build Jun 1 2021
    • compiled by MSVC 2019
    • Qt library updated to 5.15.2
    • includes chromium plugin based on Chromium version 87.0.4280, with additional security fixes from newer versions
    • Embedded Web Browser component - live preview of web page is supported in this release

# OI Windows 1.11 Changelog

  • OI win 1.11 Release Build Jun 12 2020
    • same version as in OI firmware 2020-04-30
  • OI win 1.11 Release Build Dec 30 2019
    • same version as in OI firmware 2019-12-30
  • OI win 1.11 Release Build Nov 29 2019
    • same version as in OI firmware 2019-11-29
  • Qt library updated to 5.12.6
    • 64 bit build
  • OI win 1.11 Release Build Apr 29 2019
    • same version as in OI firmware 2019-04-29
  • OI win 1.11 Release Build Aug 12 2018
    • bugfix: application screen accepts mouse events when alarm overlay window is displayed
  • OI win 1.11 Release Build Aug 10 2018
    • Alarm system bugfixes
  • OI win 1.11 Release Build Aug 06 2018
    • The first 1.11 release
    • Internal OI alarm system

# OI Windows 1.10 Changelog

  • OI win 1.10 Release Build Jul 10 2018
    • Now the database files are located in c:/oiroot/tmp/db/sqlite directory (previously it was c:/oiroot/tmp/sqlite).
    • bugfix: Component File Read: indexGroupToRead now works
    • Component Generic Run: supports new property hasRaiseOIButton
    • ssl/https support for components DB Image Capture, Camera Viewer
  • OI win 1.10 Release Build May 22 2018
    • bugfix: screen saver close by mouse click / touch now works
  • OI win 1.10 Release Build May 15 2018
    • MAC unlocking & protection
    • SQLite databases tested and should work
    • RFID user management works
    • New component Generic Run , supposed to be used instead of viewer components: web browser, pdf, video, vnc
  • OI win 1.10 Release Build Apr 30 2018
    • This is the first Windows version of OI
    • features missing or not yet tested in this release:
      • MAC unlocking & copy protection
      • SQLite databases
      • RFID user management
      • viewer components - web browser, pdf, video, vnc
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