# Webcam

The OI terminal can display feeds from webcams using the Webcam component. Configuring the component is simple, and the component is compatible with any webcam that provides a direct URL to access the current image. Live video or streams are not currently supported.

# Sample Program

Sample Program

The sample program includes one OIB program - hikvision_connection.oi. Copy this to the OI terminal to run the application.

# Webcam Component

The sample program includes a webcam component already configured, as well as a text area with instructions for setting up the webcam (in this case, two versions of Hikvision brand IP cameras).

Add a webcam component and configure the imageUrl to the web address of the image: Screenshot

Either enable showLiveImageInOIB or transfer to an OI terminal to test: Screenshot

The webcam component itself has a few key properties:

  • refreshTime: time in seconds between image refreshes (minimum 1 second)
  • imageUrl: URL to access the image
  • showLiveImageInOIB: useful to testing, when true this will try to load the image while still in OIB.
Last Updated: 8/26/2018, 2:03:59 PM