# Components

Sample OI Screen

# Working with Components

OI uses components to represent objects on an application's screen.

Components provide a broad range of functionality:

  • Some components are static,
  • some dynamically show tag values,
  • some allow operators to change tag values,
  • some open external viewers, and
  • others provide non-visual functionality such as writing to a database.

See the Component Reference for more information.

# OIB Tip: Copy and Paste Components

Component Copy and Paste

It can be useful to use copy and paste in OIB and a text editor. An example workflow would be:

  • create several components
  • copy components in OIB
  • open a blank document in Notepad
  • paste in Notepad
  • do a search/replace for tag-names in Notepad
  • copy the text in Notepad
  • paste back into OIB

This is useful when creating a large number of components that follow a pattern in their text, tags, or other properties.

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