# Screens

OI applications are composed of a number of screens. Each screen provides an independent display of components and functionality. Screen selectors provide the operator a method to change screens, while that application's control tags provide a method for the PLC to change screens.

# Start Screen

To set the screen that appears when first loading an application, set the Startup Screen setting in Application Settings dialog to the number of the screen.

# Changing Screens

Operators can change screens using Screen Selector buttons.

Screens can also be changed through tags by setting the Screen Number control tag,

# Restricting Screens

Screens can require authorization either through a username/password or through an RFID swipe. More details on this are found in the User Access page.

# Screen Properties

Showing properties for: Screen.
Property Values Description
name string Provide a name for the component. This can be helpful when using the "Used Components" tool in the tag editor.
description string A space to provide a description of the current component, useful for documenting intent.
authorize freeAccess, useLoggedUser, onEachAccess Determines access protections for this component.
More info: User Access
allowedGroups int Integer value for which groups should be allowed to interact with this component.
More info: User Access
accessTimeout seconds (int) (deprecated) When set, this will persist authorization for access to the component for the time specified.
More info: User Access
accessPassword string (deprecated) When set, this password is required to use the component.
More info: User Access
backcolor color Sets background color. Images are allowed to set this to transparent to support images with alpha masks.
screenNumber int This defines the number value for this screen. Used in goto-screen selectors, and in the application control and status tags to communicate current screen information to a PLC.
More info: Screens
grid x, y (deprecated) Defines the x/y spacing of grid in OI.
More info: Screens
allowPLC true, false Defines whether a PLC can override the User Access system when calling this screen.
More info: User Access
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